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This page was created in order to expedite the return process for our customers. If there are any problems using this page, please email us and let us know.

To make a return you MUST fill out and fax us a form. Click here or on the large button below to download a MS Word document.


Call us for technical support at (239)642-0873 from 8:30am-4pm EST Monday-Friday before returning any item to us. It is very possible your problem may be solved over the phone.


GEM prefers that all packages be returned using UPS.

Ship to: GEM REMOTES, 3527 Plover Avenue, Naples, FL, 34117

Your shipping address and the RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box.

The RMA number is composed of your name and the date of purchase i.e. "Steve Jones 08-21-08"

DO NOT USE PEANUTS! Please use bubble wrap. Use 3-5 inches of packing material on all sides of the item being returned.


3527 Plover Avenue
Naples, Florida 34117
Tel: 239.642.0873
Fax: 239.642.8391
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